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10 dirty little secrets new business owners should know

So, 10 Dirty Little Secrets New Business Owners Should Know is brought to you by a slightly tipsy me, because apparently (said in my best Noah Ritter voice) when I’m sprawled out, chillin by the pool sipping Tito’s vodka and soda, I get a little wild, and do cool shit like, create lists! Yes, I’m a nerd.

Being that I was honest AF about why you should start your own business, It only made sense for me to tell you the truth about being your own boss. See, when you first start out as a newbie in this lovely world of entrepreneurship you do everything you can to be super prepared. You find yourself being quite the little joiner where you start attending as many events for new business owner’s that you can and sign up for a ton of online webinars and e-courses trying to get in the groove of this new lifestyle, but truth is,

nothing can fully prepare you for being your own boss like a huge dose of , pure, raw, hard core… EXPERIENCE!

Omg, Seriously it’s craa-zyyy how much, Jacquel and I have learned within the last year that we could have NEVER been taught by attending a new business owner conference, or three or four. Because, while they were great for pumping up our ego, allowed us to network with some amazing like minds in our industry, and help to refill our brains with a lot of pertinent info, it was still not designed to give us the same tools, and exposure as being waist deep in the thick of our own grind, blood, sweat and tears. At the end of the day, this our brand, this is also our journey which means our learning curve, and story is exclusive to us as sisters and business partners. And yours will be for you as well. But in retrospect, if I could press rewind, I would definitely make sure we were prepped with these 10 dirty little secrets every new business owner should know. Like…


1.Dive in Head First!

 Ready is a mythological word as an entrepreneur. You’re never going to be ready doll, so you have to be like Nike and just do it. Starting is the first step that you need to take in order to get going because no one is going to do it for you. Now is the time that you need your team, and closest friends and family around you for the ultimate support and encouragement because you are going to second guess yourself, A LOT. But trust me, your idea is great! No time is better than now…You got this! Ready, set, JUMP!

2.Get Focused AF!

 There will be no dilly dallying and lolly gagging. No more perusing Instagram and snapchat zoned into the week’s Kardashian drama. If you want your new business to be successful, you have to get focused AF! No one can build your business for you, and it ain’t gonna build and grow itself (when it’s automated, it kinda will) There’s no time for games, and procrastination in entrepreneurship unless it’s productive. Lose the distractions, put on your resting bitch face, throw on your focus shades and just get shit done!

3.You’ll breakup with Sleep. 

You know the whole, sleep in routine that you do every weekend? Yea, you can kiss that goodbye luv. Your new business is not having it. Seriously, I think that was the hardest part for both of us because you just get so little of it in the beginning. This baby was definitely a huge help when trying to catch a few undisturbed zzz’s during the day. And since I drank coffee like it was going extinct… I needed these for sure! (still do) We were lucky to have one another to tag team and have one work while the other rested, and sometimes choose spending time with the fam and friends doing the normal daytime festivities, and grind late night to get shit done. It was definitely essential in order for us to streamline our business and execute quickly, but after a few months, we were able to reconcile with sleep, Thank God! And you will too!

4.You’ll Be Busy. Like Really Busy

One common misconception of working for yourself, is that you have an ability to separate your work from your life. All lies. With only 24 hours in a day, you’ll soon learn that both roll into one another like a big wet life/work burrito that you need to bite off in chunks. There’s always going to be shit to do. One thing that helped us a ton, was keeping a “things to do” list (ok, I have a love for lists, so what?) So I scribble ideas, notes, etc. in my cute little notebook and tasks and daily activities organized in this sexy lil number. Because the next blog post and drinks with the girls are both muy importante. Get journal or app equipped. You’ll thank me later.

5.Go with the Flow

Business is not predictable. No matter how much you plan, there will always be a meeting to push back, or a change that occurs. Either way you need to be prepared to ride it out and go with the flow without becoming a pushover. Sometimes you have to stand up and say “no”, or find another avenue. Learning to be agile and flexible will not only make you extremely sexy in yoga pants, but it will also mold you into a savvy business owner who is ready to slay all adversities when faced with them! Oww!

6.Modify and Slay Anyway

I’m convinced you have a great idea for your business, however let me just give you this little nugget. Creating a product or service based business over one of luxury is a lot easier to monetize, and sell. If there is a way that you can combine the two, or completely modify your product to make sure that it will help your client solve a problem, then you’re killing it! After all, you want to be the go to person that your client runs to, not one that they’ll visit later. Restructure, and slay, slay slay!

7. Let It Go

You’re going to want to be the “everything” girl because it’s your baby and you’ll want to make sure everything goes right. That’s cute, I totally get it. But part of being a badass business owner is knowing when to let go. Trying to handle it all, is only going to lead you to a ton of mistakes, and worse, burnout. Get used to delegating authority, and ensuing trust so that you’re more comfortable using your team, or outsource a few things to take some duties off of your hands. This will allow you more time to breathe, and keep the creativity going.

8. Breathe and Stop

There will be sleepless nights, a lot of overwhelm, and mental frying when starting your own business. So you’re going to have to take time to care for yourself, which means you’ll need to actually follow this routine daily. Get out of bed, shower, get cute, workout, hell even make sure you’re eating and not relying on coffee and 5 hour energies during the day. Close your computer, turn off your phone, and take a drive with loud music, do some yoga, have sex, get a massage with a mani pedi, or my fave, have a girls night out to sip a few drinks (sad that’s my fave, over sex lol) whatever you need to do to press your reset button, Do it!

9. Show Face

You love what you do, and you want your client to love what you do too, so you’re going to have to make sure that you’re allowing them to get familiar with you. Pull out your camera and snap some fun pics. Throw some videos into your social media, have a day or two that you broadcast on Periscope, or Snapchat, you could even get selfie fever and throw it on Instagram, or Pinterest (oh by the way follow us on ours). It’s important that you start making your face a part of the brand so they can hurry up and start falling in love with you. As a customer,  sometimes it’s much easier to relate to a face and personality than it is a logo or just words. So, let them see your beauty!

10. Enjoy the Ride

Even this list of 10 dirty little secrets new business owners should know isn’t the whole shabang. We could honestly write a book on the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. There are going to be hi’s and low’s, failures and triumphs, a lot of laughter, tons of tears. You’ll break shit, and make amazing shit. Lose and earn money and clients; all a part of the growing as a business. But all in all, YOU had the lady balls, to step out into the unknown, and own your own business! You’re sharing your creativity and passions with an audience who needed it, and doing your part to make the world a little more amazing! Basically, you’re awesome AF! So, enjoy the ride, count every moment as joy, sit back with a cocktail, and embrace it all! You’re the shit and so is your business!

 Well doll, there you have it! The 10 dirty little secrets new business owners should know, when starting out. What are some of the challenges that drove you to drink, or gave you all the joy? Whisper them in our comments section. We just love pillow talk!

Jae & Jacquel  xo

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