Easy Boho Head Wrap Styles to Rock This Summer!

10 Easy Boho Head Wrap Styles To Rock This Summer

Easy boho head wrap styles. They’re kind of a big deal this season ya’ll, and we’re right there for this style! We’re all for anything gypsy-esque, and simple (a.k.a. low maintenance), so we’re swooning over head wraps/scarves which is why they’ve definitely made the highlight of both our Mane Crush Monday, and today’s Tipsy Tuesday. But, instead of just one style, we had to share 10 easy boho head wrap styles that you need to rock this summer, or else we’re going to just assume you hate life, because, anytime that you can cover up your bed head, and slay with a sexy ass head wrap, then, the answer should always be yesss!

1. The boho-chic head band 
The Boho-Chic Head Band

My sister Jacquel is a pro at turning an “on the whim” situation around to give it a stylish feel, as she did in this pic. She took a vintage scarf that had been around forever, (similar one here) and created a cute hippy look with this easy boho head wrap style by crowning her wavy, full hair in it. Plus, her bronze skin is killer! So sexy, and so convenient. Keep a spare scarf with you, just in case you ever need to glam up on the spot!

          2. The Boho Tie-BackThe Tie Back Boho Style So this boho tie back, is kind of a thicker spin on the look above, but still a super easy boho head wrap style to rock because it’s fail proof. This look can be achieved with a bit of a longer silk or cotton head scarf or wrap, and for summer it’s such a cute way to style your long hair, twists, braids or locs. Such a cute way to hide your hair being a complete mess. Tie it up, in the back, and put some moisture on the ends and rock tf out of it! Play up your brows and some lip gloss for a fresh face, and you’re EVERYTHING gorgeous! Get a similar head wrap look here.

            3. Messy Bun Boho Wrap Messy Bun Boho Tie UpPool hair is not sexy, especially when you’re a curly girl like me and my sister, but with a cute ass, easy boho head wrap like this one, you can turn your messy bun into a swoon worthy boho wrap, that looks super chic af! Wear it when laying by the pool, or with a cute sun dress, and you’re adorable! Get the look here.

                4. Side Bow Boho Wrap Side Bow Tie Wrap I love this easy boho head wrap style because it’s so cute for the days that I wear my day two curly hair out during the summer. It keeps my hair out of my face, and I can literally do this shit in like, 5 minutes. My kinda look, and I’ll be rocking this like so  much this season it’s not even funny. The bow in the front sweetens the look and it’s all kinds of doll like. Get the look here.

  5. Front Tie Boho Wrapcute up do wrapGive me an excuse to turn my pineapple ponytail, or wild curls into a chic, easy boho head wrap style that slays, and I’m like front row for that shit! Because there are more days than none that I can’t be bothered with a whole glam up, and this look just makes effortless look like a lot of time was put into a look! Um, Yes! Also love how she mixed and matched up the prints in the head scarf, against the pinks in her outfit. Would be a great look for a bikini cover up or sun dress.

6. Boho Half Turban half turban

Another easy boho head wrap style that I’m all kinds of in love with is this, boho half turban look because it’s so retro and can be worn over a bun or a curly look. It’s right up my alley with the simplicity. I’m just not a high maintenance girl you guys, so what! Shut up, and hand me the damn head scarf because I’m about to turban up, all summer! Love it!

                7. Sexy Front Bun Turban Sexy Boho Turban There is something so damn sexy to me about this easy boho head wrap style! Not only because it’s a yummy way to hide your uncombed locks, and look like it’s all about the glam that you planned out for over a week, and the world would believe you because it’s just that fly… but because it’s regal af on top of it all! A turban is sexy because it’s representative of true culture, tradition, value and just holds so much meaning. I love that rocking this glamorous look, is for a lot more than just keeping your wild mane in check, but celebrating history! So do your research and partake in meaningful fashion!

               8. Boho Back Knot Boho Back Knot The boho back knot, of all of the easy boho head wrap styles we’ve peeped, tends to be one of my faves because, well, first of all, I can actually tie it without a problem, but because I love the way it can be worn with almost any ensemble and still have a look about it. Because it’s Summer, Jacquel and I are all in our boho bag, and are ready for the jewel tones, festival inspired looks, and hippie chic pieces, but this look just makes a statement no matter if you’re in a long batik skirt, or a leather jacket, and jeans. I find that it’s all in the scarf that you use, be it a single color or a sexy bold print, it works. But because your face is your focal point, it definitely works best when you play it up with a sexy lash, brow and lip color paired with a funky earring and nose ring. It’s up to you if you want to stay subtle and chill, or edge it up. Either way, throw on your wrap, pull it back, twist  and knot and boom! you’re a head turner!

                  9. Boho Genie TurbanBoho Genie Turban Everything about this genie turban head wrap has me weak! It’s just such a sexy ass way to glamorize your laziness, give gorgeous face, while looking like you just stepped out of a 70’s Vogue magazine. Yes! Of all of these easy boho head wrap styles, this one is giving me sexy,  sensual, and it’s so necessary for you to adopt the look this summer! Instead of bunning your scarf in the front, you’re going to make a small cross knot at the top, tie, and tuck the loose ends along the back and the sides. Voila! Playing this look up with bright, colorful bohemian printed scarf, over a strapless maxi dress paired with a medium large drop earring, highlighted brows, bronzed cheeks, topped with a sheer lip-gloss is perfect, and screams effortless beauty!

                10. High Bow Head Wrap High Bow Head Wrap You just can’t rock these easy boho head wrap styles without your style screaming “Idgaf”! Like with this bigger than life high bow head wrap! It screams, “I’m a badass and fuck your normal box”! I’ts without a full doubt the mood the sis and I stay in, and I feel like it’s so much more free. You can rock this look with a messy bun, or french braid, or tie up slick the front of your hair down, cover the back and let a bit of your baby hair peak through. Let the bow be your focal accessory, and throw on a pair of super chic sunglasses and let your head wrap, and high bow be great!

So now that you’ve seen 10 easy boho head wrap styles we love! It’s your turn!

What are some easy boho head wrap styles that you love, or will be rocking this summer? We would love to hear from you, or better yet, show is yours in the comments below!

xoxo-Jae & Jacquel ♥

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