16 Honest Af Reasons to Start Your Own Business … NOW.

Yup! A list highlighting 16 honest af reasons to start your own business now is necessary because , you may have this whole vision played out in your head where you kick down your cubicle, trip Brittany the office snitch and throw hot coffee in your fat bosses face after you tell him to “kiss your ass” because you’re quitting to start your own business like some bad ass in a movie, but, the real life version is a lot different.

16 Honest AF Reasons to Start your own Business Now

Realistically though, you’ve probably sat up many nights scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram feeling super pumped after seeing this new wave of female entrepreneurs doing their thing and thought, “Psssht I can do this shit” and your deep desire to be free may have made you feel ballsy enough to sashay into HR and give them your two weeks notice. But something is still holding you back. I bet you’ve thought up a million reasons to leave, but your fears have bullied you with a million and one reasons why you’d be an idiot if you did, so you stay. And then there’s the shitty comments and doubtful looks from your awesome friends and family, making you feel even worse.

That whole stepping out of your comfort zone for the unknown, really is scary AF! But I’m thinking the image you hold in your mind of your life in five years doing the same thing you’re doing now is probably even more terrifying! Listen mi amor, you hate your job, you’re in love with another lifestyle, and you deserve to have it. You just need a little more convincing, from someone who’s been right where you are, heard all the bullshit reasons that you have but just had a bigger set of girl balls, and went for it anyway!

That’s where I come in. Dressed in all black, carrying a bottle of vodka, playing a little gangsta rap, ready to give you these 16 honest AF reasons to start your own business, now. Ready? Let’s go!

  1. You start to rediscover yourself.  You learn a new side of yourself, and notice how well you actually adapt to living as an entrepreneur. Rediscovering yourself means that you’re growing. Being a business owner is kinda cool huh?
  2. You’re more fearless than you thought. There were so many things that you were scared of when you chose to start your own business right? Like, will it really make money? Will my business be good enough? Etc. But now that you’ve started, look at you making big decisions and actually gaining a clientele based on a business idea that you created! Your new attitude is all, “bring it bitch”!  Owww!
  3. You get respected as a boss! When asked “what do you do”?, answering with, “Oh, I work for myself.” “I’m a business owner” gets you  immediate respect. It makes others say “oh shit, she’s gangsta”. It gives you a new sense of validation and places you under a different label of importance. Kinda sexy!
  4. It can actually be fun. Yup! As the owner of your business, you get to control the temperature of your overall environment and vibe! It can be silly, a bit wild, even chill and carefree. Fun is what you make it!
  5. Because you’re having fun, you do a better job. Fact. When you’re having fun, you’ll ultimately feel better about the work you’re doing and do a better job. Because endorphins create, giggles, and rainbows and unicorns!  Definitely not a bad thing to be doing a great job because you’re happy!
  6. You can have a cocktail hour during business hours. It’s like a thing with me and my sister to have a cocktail or two, during our meetings. It takes the edge off of any of the stresses that we’ve had to deal with throughout the week. No H.R. to comply with, no driving cause we work from home!   So, cheers bitches!
  7. Your income isn’t capped. Which means you get to choose between the stagnant $35,000 a year from corporate vs. the $100,000 + in your first 3 months if you really busted your ass by working for yourself! Oh yea! This should be on top of the 16 honest af reasons to work for yourself list because it’s such a great feeling!
  8. The Naysayers were actually wrong when they told you to “get a REAL job” or doubted your ability to turn your passion into a business because look at you, all boss babe and shit, working for yourself. The best thing about this is watching the expression on their faces when they find out that you actually did it, and they’re still reporting to a cubicle every day! Wink, smile and have a martini to celebrate on behalf of their doubt!
  9. Your work actually matters. One of the things we love about working for ourselves, and owning our own shit is that we actually get to help others that are looking to do the same. That in itself is like a high we’ve never experienced because we’re changing hands with others who are in need in some way. Never before was that the case working a 9 to 5 because we were fulfilling someone else’s dream and there’s no attachment in that. Sorry, not sorry.
  10. You can work from wherever you want. When your business is predominantly ran online, then your office is wherever you can connect to Wi-Fi. The ability to move around and not feel bored, is the one thing that most creatives need to feel inspired. It’s sexy, it’s always fresh, and it’s definitely one of my favorite of all the 16 honest af reasons to start your own business. Hello, Caribbean.
  11. Your confidence is all boosted because I mean… hello… YOU OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! You have jumped out of the “norm box” and are trailblazing your own path! Um, that’s look in the mirror, kiss yourself worthy if I do say so myself! Muah!
  12. Pants are optional. Pretty self-explanatory. Not up for debate.
  13. You unapologetically be yourself without judgment. Your neon pink hair, and fully tatted neck and sleeves don’t need covering to make others feel comfortable. As a business owner you get to set the stage for the overall brand and face of your biz. Your ideal client will gravitate to you because of who you are! So, let it all hang out.
  14. Your business items are deductible. Yup, the cool items that you use for work, from your Macbook to your phone, and even a portion of your rent can be tax deductible. Um, yes please!
  15. You’re living and not just existing. Reporting to a 9 to 5 everyday, hating life, is the equivalent to being a zombie. Owning your own business breathes life into you, makes you feel awake and excited again! Do it!
  16. You feel younger. Sorry, but working for someone else, makes you old. You look and feel stressed tf out, and you start accumulating gray hairs and ailments that only make you appear and feel older than you are. Um, that’s not cute. And I don’t need or want it. As women, feeling and looking young is an important part of our sensuality. So in a sense it’s kind of medically essential that you start working for yourself because well… sagging boobs, and eye bags at 29, is not a good look.

Okay so, now that I’ve given you 16 honest af reasons to start your own business, you should be feeling like ready to just do it like Nike! If you’re already an entrepreneur, what things would you add to the list? Get loud in the comments and let us know!

Jae & Jacquel, xoxo

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