18 Sexy Beauty Products That Will Get You Hot


I’m a sucker for sexy beauty products. If I had never landed my first dream job in the fashion industry, I would have loved to be the chick who came up with clever, catchy, and sometimes provocative names on makeup packaging. I love brands that go for the edge, the shock value, to actually make you feel something. And these are definitely some of the most thrilling, arousing and amusing product names in the market. From the brashly appointed Trollop lip gloss, to the brazenly dubbed Lashgasm mascara, these 18, super sexy beauty products are sure to get you hot, bothered and in the mood… and hopefully turned on for Valentine’s Day.


Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara


               Lashes so good, they’ll make you scream oh. My. God!…Twice


Nars Multiple Stick In G-Spot


           YES!! You’re gonna make me … blush!


MAC Lipstick In Fetish


Considering we have a nude lipstick fetish? This name is so fitting.



SMASHBOX-O-GLOW-18-beauty-products-that-will-get-you-hot*Bites lip… Ohhhhhhh!!! So glowy

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara


A Mascara so good it actually lives up to it’s name…We love it!


Essie Nail Lacquer In After Sex


No matter when you wear this metallic burgundy nail lacquer, it’s deliciously sexy.


Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker


Sexy Motha…Shut yo mouth!… or just stare at mine.

Revlon Ravish Me Red Lipstick


This Red is Sexy! And not in a Sister Jude Martin type of way.

Smith & Cult In Porn-A-Thon


This opaque peach nail color is perfect for a kinky all nighter.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick In 69


No matter what position you’re in, this is one sexy shade of red

Nars Blush In Nude Scene


Blush with confidence! In the nude is the best way to make a scene.


Too Faced Size Queen Mascara


Because it’s not just the stroke, but the size of the wand that counts…

Butter London In Shag


This sexy nail lacquer, is so shag worthy! Paint it on and Shag it up!

                Soap & Glory Butter Yourself


 Slather this butter all over yourself. Mmm’ feels so good!

                Urban Decay Snatch Eye Shadow


                Um,  I mean the word snatch makes us giggle; we’re immature like that!

                Bare Minerals Sex Kitten



                Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar In NSFW


     This Matte Red lip tar is only suitable for steamy make out sessions. Def. NSFW.

                Nars Blush in Deep Throat Nars-Blush-Deep-Throat                   So, by Deep Throat, I doubt Nars was referring to the Watergate scandal, but still made me blush!

Whew, *fans self. After a full list session of 18, scandalously named beauty products, filled with peachy blushes, feverishly red glosses, and long, thick black mascaras, I’m sure you’re feeling hot, bothered.

With Valentine’s Day just hours away, you might want to snag a few of these seductive beautifiers to get pretty, … and your freak on! What are your go to sexy beauty products? Tell us in the comments, We love to hear the provocative names, and try new products at the same time!

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