So, you’re looking for lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes because you kept putting it off. I mean you’re a busy girl, and already have enough on your plate with life forcing you to adult, starting your new business, and choosing to snooze another 30 minutes or another messy bun to be worried about what you want to pretend to be for a night.


Us lazy bitches aren’t really the best at pre-planning (anything) our normal day to day outfits, and dressing up on Halloween night is no different. Some chicks take it so serious they order their costumes months in advance just to be (annoying) ready. And then there’s you, not so enthusiastic about planning ahead for Hallows eve, and a lot more focused on things like Taco Tuesday and chilling at the beach. But now that October 31, is just a little over a week away, you’re going to need to get ready to slay the system, by looking like you’ve got your shit together.

Sift through these 3 lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes that you can pull off the night of, for little to no money at all.

If you’re the type of lazy bitch who lives for all black everything, then you’re in luck, as all 3 of these super sexy lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes are derived from lots and lots of black to set the mood.

7 lazy DIY last minute Halloween Costumes
DIY Black Cat Halloween Costume, for the last minute lazy girl

1. Sexy Black Cat

Probably, one of the most common of all 3 lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes, but definitely can be pulled off with:an all black catsuit or black tank and black leggings (leather or cotton), cute black cat ears or just throw your hair in two high buns, use black liner to decorate your face, add some lashes and meow! you’re a black cat!

Be a better bitch tip: Sass up this look by adding a cute pair of heels, red lipstick and a cat collar. Why not turn heads while you’re in the moment. Will probably be a minute before they see your catty side again.

Snag the look below!

DIY Burglar Halloween Costume for the last minute, lazy girl.

2. Stealthy Burglar 

Easily turn your all black into the sexiest of the 3 lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes. Just slap a beanie over your locks, slip on a pair of combat boots, and grab a pillow case or bag, mark a huge dollar sign on it, and you’ve got a money bag for a prop! or try this sick money backpack!  Look, you’re a burglar. How gangsta.

Be a better bitch tip: Upgrade this look by adding smoldering dark eye makeup, or sweeten it up by turning it into a cat burglar, by wearing cat ears and a sexy eye mask with some sexy over and over the knee boots. Steal the attention for the evening!

Snag the look below!

DIY Ninja Costume

3. Ninja

Um, a night creeper, with special wall crawling powers and beat your ass abilities? Uh, Yes please! Plus being able to sneak around in full head to toe stretchy, leather leggings paired with a plain black t-shirt for your ninja mask, and a flat lace-up boot makes you the diva of all ninjas! If you’ve got nunchuck or fake swords lying around like normal people do (nope) then get your samurai on!

Be a better bitch tip: Your eyes will be the only thing that are visible. Play them up and make them super hypnotic. All you’ll need is a deep cat eye and enhanced lashes! Yass! 

Snag the look below

There you have a full list of 3 lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes you can choose from that will appear just like you planned it ahead of time as though you’ve got your shit together, even if you don’t. If your girls are equally as lazy, then pass this on to them so they can jump in on the last minute fun. On a budget? No problem, you can always hustle for the extra side cash to pull out for last minute events like this.

Your turn. What ideas would you add to this list of lazy DIY last minute Halloween costumes that isn’t already here?! Comment below. And share with a lazy friend who needs it!

xoxo Jae

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