49 reasons you shouldn’t bitch this “mourning” !

Monday’s suck! And on any other day, all of my snide “Screw Monday” remarks would be dripping from my groggy lips, most likely stuck to an equally expressive meme, confirming my Monday morning feels are real, because I mean, why wouldn’t you loathe the one day that forces you to trade in the bottomless Mimosa’s for unlimited pots of coffee and Adulting? Yea that, and insomnia spells are definitely valid reasons to throw an all-day bitch fest! But today, instead of encouraging the normal start of the week rant, I’m going to give you 49 reasons you shouldn’t bitch this “mourning”. See, because, as sleep deprived as I am due to my erratic sleepless nights, and waking up to my creepy fur baby jumping onto my bed like a mini bulldozer, to chase his ball while rambling one of his bark rants in my face, I was still given one more opportunity to be alive, unlike the 49 PULSE club goers, who were killed by some homophobic demon in Orlando, Fl over the weekend, while leaving another 53 injured.

So today, I’m not going to give much attention to how so many ass hats would rather eliminate everything from Muslims, Orlando as a city, gay clubs, anyone in the LGBT community, music, dancing, and minding your own business, while they protect gun laws, while chanting that America is great, because obviously, that would be utterly ridiculous and unpatriotic of me right? Oh well, who gives a shit?!  Instead, I’m going to make it about the 49 people who didn’t get a chance to open their eyes this morning to choose to either love or loathe their Monday because their lives were senselessly robbed from them. Once you press play on the video above, you’ll immediately want to push pause on all of the things that you were feeling annoyed or grouchy over today because it’s really an eye opener as to how petty we can sometimes be. At least it was for me, and so I wanted to make sure that I sought out to make sure there was a way I could do more to help, all the way from Cali. If you too want to help, you can spread a little love here!

For all of those who lost someone, or were injured in the PULSE shootings, my condolences and prayers go out to the families who are suffering as a result.


Jae & Jacquel Pettie

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