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The Best workout videos to get the quickest results are all right here! Listen, Summer is like two minutes away, so if you’re trying to whip that body into so you can turn heads in those little denim shorts…I understand, because I am too. I’m totally guilty of taking advantage of the holidays and cold weather as an excuse to eat whatever I want, but of course, as usual, I am totally regretting it. Now, not only do I need to shed some pounds, but I gotta tone up these abs and lift up this butt…and I gotta do it all before the summer hits…and it hits hard and fast down here in Southern California


I confess, I’m a yo-yo fitness freak, I go hard core (well as hard as I can…lol) around spring and summer only to fall off around fall and winter…its become a horrible routine of mine the last few years that I really need to focus on getting out of…what can I say chillin with Netflix and a cup of warm turmeric milk, and hot cocoa have become my winter addiction…and now I gotta kick this damn habit, and I better start kickin fast…ninja style!

Now, I know its not healthy and I should be ashamed, but one good thing I can say about me procrastinating til Spring to spring back this body, is that I’ve done it enough to know what works for me and what doesn’t…no its not a magic pill and its most certainly not some crazy clinical fad for freezing cellulite (although I might consider that one day)…It’s working out, yeah really, and these are like, the best workout videos to get quick results, without the hassle of going to the gym.
I know it’d be nice to have that magic potion, but the one thing that will get your body looking bikini ready in a short amount of time is a kick ass work out…(and of course a healthy diet to go with it) I probably have over 75% of the Beach Body collection so believe me, I know what works for me…and most of these will probably work for you too
When looking for a good home workout, I need something that will tone my entire body, entertain me and of course, do it all as quick as possible…I’m not a fitness junky by any means, so I’d be lying if I said I look forward to working out everyday…I do it because its necessary to stay healthy and of course my legs toned enough to walk around in a pair of jean cut offs. So here are my favs…
1. Shaun T – T 25
 This is my ultimate favorite, and to me one of the best  workout videos, for a few reasons…most importantly because it works! and it works fast af! Shaun T will definitely kick your ass back into shape in less than 25 minutes a day.
2. Brazil Butt Lift
 This is hands down one of the best workout videos for a sexy lower body! If you’re looking to give your booty life, lift, and love, then you need to own the Brazil Butt Lift workout. He’s seriously NO joke, but it’s a lot of fun. Jae and I do this together in the mornings, and are starting to see the results fast! Shake your bum bum!
3. Turbo Jam
If you haven’t already, you need to definitely own anything that Chalene Johnson does. Turbo Jam is one of the best workout videos because she makes it so fun, that it feels like you’re not even working out but you’re definitely killin it! Her videos are best for anyone (me!) who hates conventional, bore, snore workouts.
4. Piyo
Okay, we love Chalene so much that we had to have Piyo, (don’t judge our Beach Body addiction)  and though it’s fairly new to us, this is one of the best workout videos for anyone who is into getting a completely toned physique without the strain of jumping or even weight lifting, but it burns calories as well as increases flexibility and strength, so you can get an overall head to toe workout. It’s kind of designed for the lazy maintenance girl, who wants the results of a sculpted body, but may not love the idea of hardcore jumps and stretching. We started off just really wanting the sliders because they looked badass, but ended up loving the workout and the results.
5. 21 Day Fix 
Um, in my opinion, learning to meal prep while getting into shape mixed all together is awesome. 21 Day Fix is one of the best workout videos for beginners who need a little more discipline with their overall diet and body. It helps teach you how to choose your portions and meal prep so that you can achieve the ultimate results from the workout. Our 14 yo cousin actually loved it, and saw crazy results in a very short time. It’s a great fit for anyone that wants to change their overall lifestyle.
So there you have, not just one but 5 of the best workout videos to get quick results that we actually love and have used. But what about you, have you tried any of these workout videos? Do you have any suggestions for the best workout videos that give quick results that you’ve tried? Let us know in the comments section!
xoxo – Jae & Jacquel ♥

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