Saturday Shenanigans: Catch-Up On Beauty Sleep.

I had to catch up on beauty sleep. So, normally Saturday shenanigans would involve brunch with the girls, and from there I would let the day unfold agenda free, but today, I decided to catch up on beauty sleep. After an amazing, low maintenance Friday night, you’d think that I’d have gotten my full fix of rest and relaxation, but not so much! It was a long, busy week, not to mention, I was sick with the flu (thanks sister, for your gross cooties by the way! You’re gross lol) and needed to recuperate so, I decided to spend Saturday catching up on beauty sleep, and just, didn’t feel like adulting.

Catch Up On Beauty Sleep

Because I wasn’t able to catch-up on beauty sleep all week, I noticed that it was starting to not only affect my productivity, but was also taking a toll on my face. The area under my eyes were dark-er than normal; they’re already dark through heredity, so it’s my constant battle, but not being able t catch-up on my beauty sleep had me looking LOOKING tired as hell, and that’s not gonna fly! A woman should never wear her fatigue on her face. So I let my mind, and body get it’s natural repair on, and slept until I was done. When I woke; once my body was ready, and not because of the alarm clock, I felt and looked much better! I made sure to hydrate by drinking a lot of water for the rest of the day, showered and slathered my face and body with coconut oil and made sure to dab a little bit of jojoba oil under my eyes (helps with dark circles), and black castor oil on my brows (helps with growth and thickness), for a bit of a mini beauty facial. And then I just lay there oiled, head to toe, and let my body drink and absorb with a cup of turmeric cinnamon milk. Saturday Shenanigan’s accomplished!

How did you spend your Saturday? Were you able to catch-up on beauty sleep? or did you get out and do something a lot less low maintenance, and a little more active? Tell us in the comments! We’re listening.

xoxo-Jae & Jacquel♥

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