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Facebook Etiquette should be treated like dating!

Facebook Etiquette: Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

Facebook etiquette is an essential “must” when it comes to doing biznass dahling…It’s what separates the big boys from the douchebags and the desperate from the cool, calm and collected. When we first began using social media to market our business, it wasn’t long before I realized that the dating and marketing scene were very similar. There was an obvious difference between the suave, well put together marketer, and the desperate, tactless salesman that was very obvious and it made perfect sense to me why so many business owners tend to catch a bad name. Because here’s the thing guys:

Business, like dating, is all about establishing a relationship first!

Seems like that would be an obvious realization, but if you could see the sloppy amounts of links randomly slapped on my Facebook wall throughout the day, you’d see that it isn’t obvious at all. With Facebook, and all social media, you need to be confident, but not rude and overbearing. For example, You wouldn’t run up to some new guy you’ve never met and stick your tongue in his mouth sans introduction right? I’m thinking no! (Unless of course he were Idris Elba, because I mean… OMG). Well the same form of manners, couth and tact should be carried over to how you behave online. Your link is sacred, and shouldn’t be thrown around to just anyone. Just like you wouldn’t give up the goods on the first date, you shouldn’t be eager to unzip and reveal your little biz opportunity on ANYONE’S  Facebook page without first getting the hint that they even want it! Seriously! Take it easy…

Check out the video below where I explain the Facebook Etiquette Marketing Do’s and Dont’s to give you a better understanding of what you should be doing to pass the etiquette standards.

Get it now? Facebook Etiquette is so important if you want to have longevity in your business because nobody wants to feel as though they’ve just been exposed with the solicited goods from beneath a male flashers overcoat where your business link and tools are concerned. Start using the tools I mentioned in the video so as to gain real fans, real customers and real quality…trust me, you’ll thank us later.


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Because Business In Bed Is Sexy…


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