Gallery Walls!

Yes. we agree, we love them too. We wanted to know just how does one create a badass gallery wall, that is to be envied?

How-To-Create-A-Badass-Gallery-Wall-The-Bed-Head-Society Why a gallery wall?

I’m sure that’s what you’re asking right? Like it’s just a bunch of pictures on the wall, what’s the big deal?!

Well first off, “”The gallery wall is oft counted among the most coveted of design feats.”  {via}

It’s not about just taking old pictures and printouts, throwing them in hideous frames, and slapping them on your wall, resembling grandma Trudy’s hallway, no. There is a method to the collab. And we are about to get to the bottom of what needs to be done to create a wall with some sass, well if sass is your thing.



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