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Side Hustle With Paid Surveys


  Get Your Side Hustle On With Paid Surveys It’s OK to believe the hype… Paid Surveys Do Exist Making money online with paid surveys has been around for a pretty long time, so I’m always surprised when people are shocked when I tell them you can actually create a cool little side hustle with paid surveys….and […] Read more…

Micro-Niche? WTF is it and Why Do I Need it For My Business?


Micro-Niche? So, I sense you’re a little confused, and probably asking…A micro-niche? wtf is that and why do I need it for my business? You’re prepared to take on all of the dirty little secrets behind being a business owner, but now you just want to know what is better for your notorious BIZ right? I get it. Just choosing […] Read more…

10 Dirty Little Secrets New Business Owners Should Know


Hey Doll, Hey! So, 10 Dirty Little Secrets New Business Owners Should Know is brought to you by a slightly tipsy me, because apparently (said in my best Noah Ritter voice) when I’m sprawled out, chillin by the pool sipping Tito’s vodka and soda, I get a little wild, and do cool shit like, create […] Read more…

16 Honest AF Reasons to Start Your Own Business Now


16 Honest Af Reasons to Start Your Own Business … NOW. Yup! A list highlighting 16 honest af reasons to start your own business now is necessary because , you may have this whole vision played out in your head where you kick down your cubicle, trip Brittany the office snitch and throw hot coffee in your […] Read more…

Invest in Air Jordan’s or Your Online Business


INVEST IN AIR JORDAN’S OR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS? (VIDEO RANT) Would you invest in Air Jordan’s or your business? Once I received the answer, I was so annoyed that I had to rant about it. After having a discussion with friends about how the sneaker craze really has some people splurging for shoes at $300 or […] Read more…

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