Micro-Niche? WTF is it and Why Do I Need it For My Business?


Micro-Niche? So, I sense you’re a little confused, and probably asking…A micro-niche? wtf is that and why do I need it for my business? You’re prepared to take on all of the dirty little secrets behind being a business owner, but now you just want to know what is better for your notorious BIZ right? I get it. Just choosing […] Read more…

Facebook Etiquette: Marketing Do’s and Dont’s


Facebook Etiquette should be treated like dating! Facebook Etiquette: Marketing Do’s and Dont’s Facebook etiquette is an essential “must” when it comes to doing biznass dahling…It’s what separates the big boys from the douchebags and the desperate from the cool, calm and collected. When we first began using social media to market our business, it […] Read more…