Invest in Air Jordan’s or Your Online Business


INVEST IN AIR JORDAN’S OR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS? (VIDEO RANT) Would you invest in Air Jordan’s or your business? OnceĀ I received the answer, I was so annoyed that I had to rant about it. After having a discussion with friends about how the sneaker craze really has some people splurging for shoes at $300 or […] Read more…

Facebook Etiquette: Marketing Do’s and Dont’s


Facebook Etiquette should be treated like dating! Facebook Etiquette: Marketing Do’s and Dont’s Facebook etiquette is an essential “must” when it comes to doing biznass dahling…It’s what separates the big boys from the douchebags and the desperate from the cool, calm and collected. When we first began using social media to market our business, it […] Read more…

Disabled Mannequins: Because Nobody Is Perfect


Disabled Mannequins Because Nobody is Perfect. If you’ve been paying attention while living in thisĀ versatile world, crammed with real people, then it should come as no huge surprise that the emaciated, plastic dummies that stand soullessly peering out of the store windows fail epically at their attempt to physically replicate our physical bodies as perfect […] Read more…

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