49 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bitch This “Mourning”


49 reasons you shouldn’t bitch this “mourning” ! Monday’s suck! And on any other day, all of my snide “Screw Monday” remarks would be dripping from my groggy lips, most likely stuck to an equally expressive meme, confirming my Monday morning feels are real, because I mean, why wouldn’t you loathe the one day that […] Read more…

10 Easy Boho Head Wrap Styles To Rock This Summer


Easy Boho Head Wrap Styles to Rock This Summer! Easy boho head wrap styles. They’re kind of a big deal this season ya’ll, and we’re right there for this style! We’re all for anything gypsy-esque, and simple (a.k.a. low maintenance), so we’re swooning over head wraps/scarves which is why they’ve definitely made the highlight of both our […] Read more…

Turmeric Dark Circle Lightening Mask


Turmeric Dark Circle Lightening Mask So, it’s all about this Turmeric dark circle lightening mask right now. And, because it’s badass, every girl needs to know about it because it was sent by dark circle angels. One of the things that both of my parents passed down to me, are my dark under eye circles! They […] Read more…

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