Mane Crush Monday|Big Roller Set On Natural Hair:

Hey dolls,

It’s Mane Crush Monday, and the Mane we’re swooning over right now is this sexy beauties, gorgeous big roller set on natural hair!


I am in love with big hair and hers is giving me life! The big roller set style on get natural hair just works! It has a 70’s retro feel to it, with a bit of feminine edge. Just adds, one more style to the low maintenance big hair arsenal, because it’s all about switching up the look without a ton of effort.

To get a curly crown like our MCM’s you’ll need to slay the Big Roller set On Natural Hair and here is how:

♥Co-wash and deep condition hair

♥Spray leave in conditioner in hair (I use this one)

♥T-shirt dry hair (plop)

Blow dry hair to stretch it, this will stretch hair and add         length.

♥Use curlers for the size of the desired curl you want to achieve. (The smaller the curler, the tighter the curl will be)

♥Section hair into rows starting at the back, place a small amount of flax seed gel or setting lotion onto the hair slightly dampening it.

♥Roll taught around the roller and secure with a roller pins if    not using steam rollers.

♥Let hair air dry, or sit under hair dryer.

♥Remove the rods, and with a bit of oil on your fingertips,  pick through curls to separate them.

*tip: If you want your hair to be larger, you’ll want to mix the size of the rollers, making them smaller in the front and middle of the hair to give it more of a kinky  volume.

And that’s it! Gorgeous, big roller set natural hair!! It’s so everything!

So tell us how it worked for you?! Would you rock this big roller set on your natural hair? Or better yet, have you rocked this look? Do you have any tips for ways to set natural hair with rollers? If so leave your tips in the comments section, we want to hear from you, or send pics!

So, I’m off to attempt our Monday mane crush’s look, and attempt the big roller set on my natural hair. Wish me luck!


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