So, I sense you’re a little confused, and probably asking…A micro-niche? wtf is that and why do I need it for my business? You’re prepared to take on all of the dirty little secrets behind being a business owner, but now you just want to know what is better for your notorious BIZ right? I get it.

WTF Is a Micro-Niche?

Just choosing a niche at the start of your business should be enough but now you’re hearing that a micro-niche is better, and while that sounds great, you’re still in the dark about whether or not it’s necessary for the success of your business, am I right?

All great questions luv. Here’s the thing. Because you’re a new entrepreneur I’m sure you’re noticing that everybody and their grandma is setting up an online business these days. Many of which probably seem to be using the same start up kit, which includes finding a niche.

Well, that’s cool and all but simply focusing on a single niche is no longer enough to help your business stand out as the creative artistic platform that you want to be known for. That will definitely hinder you from not being able to help others but will also add a huge lull to the income that you earn. We can’t have that can we? No, no, no. Now newbies like yourself who are marketing their business online need to make sure to take a few more steps when executing their startup strategy, and that means breaking down your niche and defining a micro-niche from it if you want to successfully monetize your business.

But wtf is a niche and a micro-niche anyway?

So, a niche, it is defined as “a specialized but profitable corner of the market”, or in the world of online marketing, a niche is a topic or the area of the market that you hold down that has a targeted audience.

Let’s say you’re a tattoo artist and you’ve started a blog business based on your tattoos. Someone in your target audience does a Google search for “tattoo artist” you will definitely pop up somewhere, among the plethora of other blog businesses that fall under the the tattoo niche market. Now, if you’re the blog business that has a high ranking in Google, this is great for you, but as a newbie, not so much.

A micro-niche on the other hand, is your niche broken down more specifically by specialty, which has a more narrow and targeted audience.

So now, if you’re a tattoo artist with a blog business that focuses on tribal tattoos, and someone in your target audience does a Google search for tribal tattoos, then your site slides up the ladder past all of the other sites that only used “tattoo” as their niche, making it easier for your target audience to find and click on your site.

If you haven’t already grasped that a micro-niche is better for your business over a niche, then let me dig a little deeper and present these 4 reasons a micro-niche is ultimately better for your business.

1.You stomp out your competition:

When you take a minute to micro-niche your niche and define what your business is all about it allows you to seriously rise above your competition, and kick some ass. Because, now, when your target audience gets specific in their search, the odds are greater that they’ll find you, love you, and either become part of your squad, become a customer that pays for your product, or both.! Yes honey yess!

2. Get Money:

Yup! Because when your competition is low, your chances to experiences greater profits is high. Not to mention, when a customer is seeking an item or service in specifics, chances are in your favor that they’re ready to whip out the credit card, and give you their money because your passion filled business offers what they want. Um, that’s pretty cool.

3. Hello genius:

When you break your niche down into a micro-niche, you automatically look like the expert in your field because you’re wrapping your business around the specialty portion of your niche. This helps the target audience feel as though they can trust you, your products and your services.

4.Smoother Branding & Marketing:

When you know exactly what it is that you do in your business, you stand out in the crowd. When you micro-niche your niche, you’re able to stand out in a sea full of “same” and this helps your branding and marketing for your business to move a lot smoother. This helps your business to increase sales and overall growth. It’s a win!

What it all boils down to is, choosing a micro-niche over just a simple niche is best for your business overall. Because at the end of the day, it’s about the longevity of your business, and being the expert in your field for your target audience. Now, That is what sets you apart from the competition baby!

What are some reasons you would choose a micro-niche over a niche? Whisper in our comments. You know how much we love pillow talk!

Jae & Jacquel xoxo


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