So, my new obsession? Nirvana Black, by Elizabeth & James (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen). *inhales wrist, and closes eyes to breathe it all in… OMG IT’S AMAZING!

I know i’m being a bit dramatic, but so what! Let me be great and obsess, and be in love!


Here’s how it happened…

I was on a trip to Sephora, kinda seeking a new perfume to update my small, yet loved, and trusted perfume collection. They just seemed to “get” me but, I was getting bored; needed something fresh and exciting. I trolled the perfume section without any expectation until a glimmer caught my eye, sitting on the top shelf, advertised in simplicity was… Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James. The packaging caught my eye at first because it was amaze … A  full 3.4 ounces of textured square, black and gold square. So edgy, so Fe-masculine, and just, so damn sexy. As I moved closer, It just seemed to say … “Jae, you must have me, have me now”, in a deep, sexy Spanish accent..


Interest was piqued, but still needed to see if the scent matched the bottle, if ya know what I mean. So I slowly took the cap off, placed my finger on the gold, metal pump, aimed it for my wrist, bit my lip and sprayed… It was subtle, but nice, and then began to warm up, blending and mixing with my body chemistry. Light at first, but then started getting stronger, and stronger, slow and steady… and finally…upon the last wrist sniff… HEAVEN.

On my wrist lie, notes of warm sandalwood, vanilla and violet. Not overbearing, not too light, but a perfect balance of sensual, spicy, and mysteriousness. It felt new, and refreshing, yet slightly familiar since I’m used to scents like Angel by Thierry Mugler, White Patchouli and Black Orchid by Tom Ford. Still a good bridge between feminine and masculine, so I decided at that moment that I would make it all mine. I took on a lover, Nirvana Black and, just like the saying goes… “Once you go black, you won’t go back” … I’m afraid, the saying is very true ladies, since this has now become my new perfume boo!  Love, Love, Love It.


So ladies, if you’re looking to switch it up, and possibly flirt with the idea of playing with other scents, then you should def. try Elizabeth and James Nirvana, either white or black, which is what I prefer. The white is a bit too floral for my liking, but Black was perfect. There are also a few really cool products in their line, from Dry shampoo, to the perfume body oil, but I’ve listed my three ultimate must have’s from the line above. Might be a good time to drop a quick hint to your beau for V-Day! Hope you like! What is your go to scent? We would love to hear!

xoxo Jae ♥

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