Get Your Side Hustle On With Paid Surveys

It’s OK to believe the hype…

Paid Surveys Do Exist

side hustle with paid surveys
Get your Side Hustle on with Paid Surveys!

Making money online with paid surveys has been around for a pretty long time, so I’m always surprised when people are shocked when I tell them you can actually create a cool little side hustle with paid surveys….and you wanna know the best thing about this lil hustle? …


Gotta Love It Right?…
Getting paid just to submit a short survey or give your opinion does sound pretty far out…but its totally true. Many big companies spend millions of dollars on testing and market research in order to improve their products and grow their profits. To get the most honest feedback and opinions, these businesses pay survey companies to find people like us to answer questions and give our opinion about their products for a fee…and it really is that simple.

Now as simple and legit as this is, to my knowledge, no one has ever become RICH from this or been able to leave their $100,000 a year corporate day job strictly by taking surveys…but If you sign up for enough of these babies you can easily make about $10 – $75 a day just from giving your opinion…

It may  not sound like a lot…but if you completed just 2 surveys a day that paid you $5 each…that’s a quick $10 in about 30 minutes…IN BED

Do this everyday for the month and thats $10 x 30 days = $300 

that can be your phone bill, car payment or money to build up your shoe collection…(oops)…I mean your savings account.

And if you put in a little more time or submit a higher paying survey…
that can make a pretty good side hustle with paid surveys.
There are quite a few of these survey and review sites that pay out cash…but the ones I listed below are my favorites…I’d recommend you sign up for all of them, you know, the greedier the better…Now Lets Get Started

Follow These Steps to Make More & Hustle Less:

#1. Create a free email to use for these sites. Email will be the only way most of these companies contact you, so if you sign up for  all of them (which I recommend) you’ll want to keep them separate from your personal emails….You can use this same email for every website you sign up for. Get Your Free Email Here

Tip: It’s also a good idea to receive alerts on your phone for this new email address…some of these opportunities are time sensitive, so you’d hate to miss out.

Tip: CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER  for their email after signing up to confirm your membership.

#2. Sign up for a free PayPal account. Most of the sites that give cash payments will pay via PayPal or Check. PayPal is much quicker…so I’d recommend PayPal. Sign Up Here It’s totally free.

#3. Paid Survey Sites Should Be FREE, so if they are asking you to pay a fee…don’t even bother.. There are too many free sites that will pay you…and its more than likely a rip off or a scam….the ones listed below are totally F.R.E.E.!!!

#4. You will have to fill out a W9 form once you make a certain amount. Don’t be scared to do this…it may be necessary in order to receive your payment. This form is used to submit their payouts and your earnings to the IRS. It’s BUSINESS baby!

#5. Sign up for as many as possible. Some of these companies are looking for people that meet a specific criteria to complete the task (ie: location, health, income status, employment status, etc.) so the more you become a member of, the more opportunities you will have to participate…and make more money. Remember…they are 100% free so you have nothing to lose.

Sign Up With the Companies Below…

to Get Your Hustle Started Now!!!


This is one of my favorites because it gives higher payouts pretty often. It doesn’t happen every day, but there are quite a few surveys that may offer up to $50 per survey. And their pay out system is strictly CASH…they also offer surveys for a lot of larger companies you’ll probably be familiar with such as Starbucks, Nike, and Disney to name a few….Sign Up and enjoy!!!

2 Opinion Plus

This company will give you points for each survey…unlike a lot of other survey companies, their points can actually be redeemed for cash. For every 1,000 points, you’ll receive $10. These points add up pretty quickly and the cash will be sent to directly to your Paypal account.

 3 Inbox Dollars

Don’t sleep on this one. This company will pay you $5 just for signing up. Inbox Dollars pays members to read emails, take surveys online, play games, and go shopping!

4 Global Test Market

Global Test Market is a community of people across the world who complete online surveys for the largest market research firms. Surfers sign up to be paid to fill out surveys from a globally recognized and trusted brand.

5 Survey Voices

Take surveys and get paid at Survey Voices! You can make over $500/week completing surveys! All you need to do is instantly qualify, then view exclusive offers in exchange for your opinions and get access to paid surveys, clinical trial opportunities, and part-time work offers!

Make sure you sign up here to stay in the loop with more online hustles so you can start makin’ money, money, money moneyyyy!

Do you have a favorite side hustle that you use to get extra cash? If so, whisper to us in the comments. … you already know how much we love pillow talk… especially when it’s about side hustles that make $$$!

Jacquel & Jae xoxo

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