In Bed is where all amazing things happen…This is science! <3

To be honest, I think of my bed as my own little sanctuary. It’s the one place, I let go of everything and just collapse into comfort.  In bed is the epitome of sexy, sultry, peaceful serenity and pure bliss.

I feel so lazy crooning over how much I adore my bed, especially since I am literally in it as I type this, but it’s what inspired the sis and I to come up with “The Bed Head Society” all together. We love the idea of being able to do what you love from home… For you, your “bed” could be literal, and or anywhere that gives you feelings of bliss, rejuvenates you and drives you to be more creative.

We’re all about encouraging fellow creatives, to take advantage of their talents, and passions and use the opportunity that the internet and social media provides to start your own fearless life, in your own sanctuary, by starting an online business wrapped around a niche that you actually find pleasure in.

Work from home, in bed… If that’s the beach, your front porch, the rooftop; anywhere in the world you can take your laptop and get smooth running WI-FI. Wherever “in bed” is for you, now is the time for you to brand yourself, and start living a life you love. You deserve it! So get in bed, and start now!!!

Live, love, and create… in bed! I promise we won’t judge you!